Parent Testimonials


When our youngest son was ready for Kindergarten last year, we were resigned to enrolling him in our neighborhood public elementary school. In the summer, however, we saw an article on Holy Rosary’s new dual immersion program. We scheduled a tour right away, and signed our son up on the spot. It was clear to me that Dr. Uhl and the planning committee knew what they were talking about and had done all the right things to prepare for a dual-immersion program. During our 2 years at the school so far, we have watched our son grow linguistically in two languages as well as culturally. He is getting a value-added education – learning what all first graders typically learn, with the addition of Catholic values, bilingual assets, and a multicultural perspective that he couldn’t get elsewhere.

Bridget Yaden, 2nd year parent

I never thought a school could do so much for the kids. My daughters surprise me everyday when I pick them up and they tell me what they’ve learned. We are very grateful to have found such a wonderful home for education. HRRS/JDA is everything plus more than what I expected. Nina Tatum, 2nd year parent

Nina Tatum, 2nd year parent

My child’s experience at Holy Rosary has been a great one. She really enjoys her teachers, classmates, and the activities that the school provides. The school is small, so there is a familiarity with other parents and students. She is very enthusiastic about the Juan Diego program and is excelling in this subject along with many others. We are very thankful for the staff, convenient location, and Catholic education that our daughter is receiving.

Sarah McKinney, 3rd year parent

We searched many schools in the Pierce County area before choosing Holy Rosary. It wasn't just the fact that they are the only dual immersion program in the county, but we loved how the faculty is so invested in the success of its students. The administration has put forth a solid academic plan that is supported by the teachers and makes learning fun for the children. Our kids actually look forward to going to school each day. We also like how personable the faculty is. With a low student to teacher ratio, the faculty gets an opportunity to really get to know each child and their family and is able to work around each child's learning abilities. In addition, we really admire the parent involvement in this school. The faculty is very hands on in improving all facets of the school and always invites parents to voice their opinions on how they believe they can improve. We then work together in order to succeed in reaching the goals we set forth. Lastly, we appreciate the school's affordability when you compare it to other private schools and day cares in the area. We really feel like our kids are getting an Ivey League education at community college prices.

James Kaylor, 2nd year parent

We would definitely recommend HRRS- Juan Diego Academy. The experience has exceeded our expectations. AnaSofia started her first year at HRRS as a kindergartener. Even though one parent in the house was proficient in Spanish (Mom), it wasn't often spoken to her. She had a very basic Spanish vocabulary which she rarely used. This past year at HRRS has changed that. She has not only built up her vocabulary, but she is actively seeking to speak Spanish with her mom, something that wouldn't have happened otherwise. We realize now how peer interaction, as well as amazing teachers, has built up her confidence and her knowledge. AnaSofia now comes home with such enthusiasm over the new songs or stories she knows, in English and Spanish. We did hear skepticism about the Spanish immersion program when we first enrolled AnaSofia. We had people asking me if this hindered her English literacy or interfered with learning other subjects. From what we have seen, AnaSofia is on track with her peers who do not participate in this program. The curriculum keeps her on course so that if she were to start in an English only school today, she would easily keep up. The biggest difference is that she knows her subjects in English and Spanish. AnaSofia can seamlessly do her math homework in both languages. It's amazing to see that. She is constantly learning new vocabulary both in and out of school and when she does, she always asks for the Spanish equivalent. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that she is receiving an excellent education in a nurturing environment and that she is fine-tuning her Spanish skills well in advance.

Bryan & Virginia Cole, 1st year parents

HRRS-Juan Diego Academy is a great school because the people here care for children. It’s nurturing and preserve dignity that children were born with. The school tries to to go beyond in helping children. It is recommended for parents who want to plant their children with the right soil for their heart.

Hong Tran, 8th year parent

The teachers are wonderful. You can tell they want the kids to succeed and grow. The curriculum is fantastic. Our son has learned so much and he really enjoys it. He comes home telling us about the fun projects he gets to do. I don’t feel like he would be getting the quality education anywhere else.We also enjoy how the school really feels like a community. You get to know the staff and other parents.

Rodney & Heather Croston, 3rd year parents

HRRS-JDA has been a wonderful school for our family. When teaching our sons, they have kept in consideration the whole child. Both my sons have different strengths and weaknesses and HRRS-JDA has addressed them both as individuals. HRRS-JDA is a place of love and acceptance, of high-standards and integrity

Karen Irwin, 4th year parent

The best part of HRRS-JDA has been watching our son become aware academically, culturally and spiritually of the world around him. I don’t think that would have been so immediate in another school setting. As parents we have great access to the teachers and other staff if we have questions or concerns. HRRS has been a wonderful and active community to become part of. I can’t imagine him being anywhere else now.

Rhonda Kristoff, 1st year parent

I love Holy Rosary school, the ambience , the small classes , the way every body knows everybody , we are a small community but strong at the same time, have an awesome principal full of energy and ready to take the school to the max!!! Overall I think it’s an awesome school.

Patricia Montes, 2nd year parent

Its a great school, my husband and I made a good decision because my daughter is learning a lot, its a good school to be a volunteer because all the staff is friendly and nice. I always tell my friends that is a good school to go and they should enroll their children to the school.

Susan Gonzalez, 2nd year parent.

Overall, our kids love HRRS as they never want to leave HRRS or go any other school.

Cuong & Soshay Nguyen, 5th year parents

I believe that Juan Diego Academy is a great school to be a part of. It has diversity that will enrich our children. It has a friendly staff beginning with the principal who greets the students and parents at the entrance. Teachers are always open to answer our questions and worries about our children.

Sofia Zapata, 1st year parent

I would absolutely this environment for your child. It is as comforting as if you are present. The staff at HRRS is the best, they each display a level of respect and commitment to your child that will reflect in them wonderfully. Sending my daughter to this school is the best start I could have given her.

Leianna Perkins-Muse, 1st year parent

We sent our daughter to Holy Rosary for two primary reasons; because of the dual language immersion program, and because of their commitment to a culturally diverse classroom. Spanish is the wave of the future. The US is already the 4th largest Spanish speaking country in the world and it’s going to get even more prevalent. The ability to speak Spanish will let our kids cross that language barrier and will give them more opportunities in relationships and business. It will give them a huge advantage over peers who only speak English. Furthermore, kids who study Spanish learn English better! Even if they never use their Spanish, their English language skills will be better than English-only kids. Also, we were drawn in by the commitment to a culturally and economically diverse classroom. There is linguistic fluency and there is cultural fluency. Cultural fluency is about learning to connect effortlessly with people who look, think, and act differently than you. But if you’re never around those people, you never build those skills. America is increasingly multicultural, so learning to build relationships across racial and cultural boundaries will be increasingly important. Since our first kid has started, we’ve only been more pleased with Holy Rosary. For example, I like the extended school day. Holy Rosary starts a full hour ahead of every other school. The average school day at other schools is six hours long, which means that extra hour gives them nearly another whole day of class time per week! We’re also fond of the school-wide program to teach kids about virtue. Every month there is a focus on a different virtue wherein kids learn about it and are recognized for demonstrating it. You don’t get that in public schools, however good they may be. One more thing. I make a habit of asking other parents about their experience with Holy Rosary. Every answer I’ve heard has been one of enthusiastic support. There is no ambivalence, no wishing for something else, just a wide-eyed passionate, “We love it!” So it’s not just me gushing about it, all the parents I’ve met so far agree

Morgan Blackmore, 1st year parent

We were elated to learn that HRRS-Juan Diego Academy was going to be starting a dual immersion Spanish program. It was exactly what we were looking for in a school for our family. While a lot of schools offer Spanish as an elective class, not many (especially in Tacoma) offered dual immersion. Our daughter (now in pre-K) is bilingual, but we wanted to ensure that she will also be biliterate. The icing on top of the cake is that it is a school where our children learn about God and the teachings of Christ. HRRS-Juan Diego Academy has been the answer to our prayers.

Melanie & Anssel Lopez

The two-way immersion program was the principle driver for us when enrolling our child at HRRS-Juan Diego Academy. We have loved the program and it has been amazing to watch our daughter blossom as she is learning another language. I think that being multilingual is a gift that we are fortunate to be able to provide to our children and one that will aid them in numerous ways later in their lives. We plan to continue at the school and look forward to sending our other children there as well.

Jennifer Pickles, 1st year parent

HRRS faculty & staff all have the best interest of your child in mind- academically, socially, mentally, spiritually & emotionally. The school is like one big family. There’s always a sense of belonging.

Mary Pascual, 10th year parent

Enrolling your child into their first “big school” is always a stressful time for parents. There are many unknowns going into that process and you want to make sure the choice you make is the right one. We were taking a leap of faith enrolling him into Kindergarten with the new two-way immersion learning program. We are happy with his progress and the quality of the education he receives at HRRS-JDA.

Dave Lepore, 2nd year parent

The best part is how Zach (now 7th grade) has matured, he is a straight “A” student, he started in Kindergarten at Holy Rosary and has grown into what we would expect from this great school and his teachers’ efforts are the glue that bonds us all.

Joch Louman, 8th year parent

Academically competent, especially the dual language immersion concept; comparatively lower tuition in today’s economy as well as the relatively small student population that allows individualized student care and attention.

Berhane Zerom, 3rd year parent

Yo recomiendo la escuela HRRs-Juan Diego Academia a todos mis amigos porque es una escuela que cuida de todos los estudiantes y siempre se preocupa por ellos. Mis hijos están aprendiendo en los dos idiomas. Se siente bien tener esa sensacion que como padre tomas la decision correcta al inscribir a tus hijos HRRS. Una decicion que con el timeo descubres que es lo mejor.

LizBeth Duran, 2nd year parent

The best part is that my kids can come to school and feel like they are a part of a community rather than just “students.” The teachers I have encountered have been excellent role models to Alondra and Adrienne. The curriculum is what I expected it to be and the teachers and parents almost all know each other by name or by who their students are.

Liz Soltero, 5th year parent