Our Vision

A regional school like Holy Rosary, with a dual language program like the Academia Juan Diego, is a complex enterprise with a compelling mission. To accomplish that mission, we have a vision to strengthen every aspect of the school.

Catholic Identity Vision

HRRS will attract Catholic and non-Catholic families of different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds through the richness of authentic Catholic pedagogy and tradition.

Curriculum Vision

HRRS will develop students whose bilingual and biliterate skills and multicultural competence form the foundation for reaching their full intellectual potential.

Personnel Vision

HRRS will attract, retain, and support a Faculty and Staff who are professionally skilled, committed to its unique mission, and collaborative in accomplishing it.

Facilities Vision

HRRS’s campus and physical facilities will provide a safe, accessible environment that optimizes student learning and growth.

Finance Vision

HRRS will work to become accessible to all committed families and will marshal its resources so that it has a solid financial foundation.